In which I detail my adventures in writing and publishing

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The painstaking process of editing slogs on into the winter. Win Or Go Home has 81,179 words, 2282 paragraphs and 6074 lines. I have completed 50 pages, about one-sixth of the total. The method is simple. Read a line or two. Re-read. Compress, amputate, sometimes expand. Show, don't tell. How do the characters' words and actions reflect their inner as well as outer struggles? How well does the story move? Like a stream with a swift current or a sluggish backwater?

Every so often I change the view on the computer so it seems more like I am reading a book. I think the appearance on the screen page is important. Too much overcrowding or too much dialogue upsets the equilibrium. I don't the reader to miss anything, so I need to present the words in as fluid a manner as I can.

I've spent enough time at this. Editing awaits.