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Friday, December 9, 2011

My own website

I'm not done creating the site, but will soon become a reality and I'll link this blog to a blog on the website. I acquired the domain over a year ago and thought eventually I'd have to hire a professional to do the heavy lifting. Turns out it's easier than that. My good friend Doug Dorow turned me on to Weebly, a do-it-yourself website creator.
In my spare time over the next four weeks I'll attempt to pull it together and start off the new year with my new website.

KDP Direct

Amazon and Kindle are being aggressive in trying to lock in authors by developing KDP Direct, a program that promises to divide a pot of cash between participating authors. The only catch is that participants can't sell their e-books anywhere else for each quarter they participate. For me, it's a no-brainer since my Smashwords and Pubit sales are flat, as in flat line. At least with KDP Direct I can acquire some free marketing and customers are going to be able to check out books one at a time for free.
We shall see.