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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Search for an Agent

I'm re-writing the second half of my book, submitting finished chapters to my critique group for feedback and doing some reading as well. Oh yeah, did I mention I'm working full time?

My goal is to finish the re-write, go over the manuscript two or three times to correct writing issues, fill plot holes and correct continuity gaffes. I might even hire an editor. More on that topic another day. D-Day will be when I travel to La Quinta, California for my annual spring break retreat with my wife. I can't ever write on vacation.

Then I'll begin the query process. I'm compiling a list of candidates using an online resource: Agent Query. Check it out. There are also books available with similar databases of agents. I've heard of different querying strategies. One is to send out a bunch--say ten--and every time you get a rejection (there are always going to be lots of those) send out another one so you have ten in circulation at the same time.

A few years ago when I wrote my first novel a lot of agents insisted on receiving queries via snail mail. That is still true for some agencies, but more and more accept or even insist on electronic submissions. You don't have to be a Green fanatic to appreciate it. Making copies and sending them in the mail is not cheap.

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