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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Library Approach

Libraries are great places. I've had a library card ever since I was old enough to get one. I recall needing to check out material with my mother's card before I reached whatever magic age one needed to qualify. Sadly, I probably don't spend enough time borrowing and reading books, especially now that I am trying to be not just a self-published author, but one that people want to read.
My latest gambit into the world of promotion involves libraries. I thought I was totally original with this until I saw the same idea expressed by John Betcher. Let's face it, there is nothing new under the sun, including plots and marketing techniques.
Here's the idea: libraries are open to accepting book donations. Even if they decide not to put them on the shelves, all libraries have "Friends of the Library" auxiliaries that organize sales of books ready to be discarded as well as donations. Excepting books in damaged condition and a few other conditions, they are more than happy to sell books for less than list price. The payoff for the author is exposure. Maybe a reader will like the work enough to be a copy of the next book in the series, or tell somebody else about it.
I can get copies of Win or Go Home for less than half retail and distribute them as I see fit. I could sell them from the trunk of my car, give them away, whatever. I'm going to start with local libraries and expand to Washington State, the novel's setting.
I'm also going to write some press releases for my community newspaper and some of the ones in the Puget Sound area to see if I can generate some author buzz. Can't hurt.

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