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Monday, April 18, 2011


Last night I downloaded a short story--Christmas in Puyallup--to the Smashwords website for electronic publication. The process isn't over at this writing. There were several hundred submissions ahead of mine, believe it or not. If there aren't any mistakes in my formatting (always a possibility)the story will be available for free downloading by tomorrow. Free, you heard me right the first time. It's only a short story, remember. Consider it an appetizer for the upcoming publication of Win or Go Home. Same main character: a doctor-turned bounty hunter with a brain. I entered the story in a fiction contest sponsored by the University of Minnesota Alumni magazine. Sadly, but not unexpectedly, it didn't win. There were 78 entries and I can do the math. Better odds than Powerball, but still not too good. I'll probably hire someone to do the formatting for the novel. 90,000 words are a lot to handle. Then again, I may only hire someone for the Kindle formatting, which I believe requires the document be in HTML. If anyone knows that not to be true, let me know in the comments. Smashwords formatting doesn't take much computer skill that I can see. When the story is up on the Smashwords site, I'll link it specifically. As it is, you might enjoy going there for a look around anywhere. here you are:

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