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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Have You Ever Been Flogged?

It just occurred to me that the title of this post may get me noticed for reasons I didn't intend. Oh well, why not live dangerously? Flogging rhymes with blogging. The best in the business is a guy named Ray Rhamey. He is a novelist/editor who writes a blog called Flogging the Quill:

The key feature is a challenge by Ray for aspiring writers to submit a first chapter and have him critique the first page. He is looking for writing that compels him to turn the first page, in other words, the proverbial hook. The result is a "flogging," although Ray wields a rather gentle whip. Readers are invited to vote on whether or not they would turn the page and to offer their own critiques. I have been flogged three times and am proud to report on the third go round I got Ray to turn the page.

His blog also is chock full of great editing and writing craft tips, well worth perusing the archives. Ray has written a thriller: We the Enemy, a feline Vampire work: The Vampire Kitty-cat Chronicles and an urban paranormal thriller: Finding Magic. All are available through this link: . You should check him out. Seriously.

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